2013 varieties


Rose 2013

Fresh, bright fruit aromas of strawberry and cherry, with a lively finish. Excellent balance with a sweet palate feel to finish.


Pinot Noir 2013

Waipara / Canterbury
Harvested in late autumn, this stunning pinot noir abounds with full fruit flavours displaying cherry fruits and strawberry along with underlying herbal elements and earthy notes. The silky tannins and a medium weight combine for a satisfying finish.


Merlot 2013

Harvested in early autumn, this 2013 merlot abounds with full fruit flavours. It displays a lively bouquet with black cherry and dark fruit showing through amid smooth layers of plum and forest fruits with a toasty oak background. Silk tannins and a medium weight combine for a satisfying finish.


Pinot Gris 2016


This Pinot Gris has a sweetly lifted palate of white peach and citrus. The wine is full and well balanced with a hint of lemon in the finish.


Chardonnay 2014

Pear, lemon, apricot and a little ripe melon are balanced well on the palate by a crisp acid lifting the citrus and stone fruits to a very round, full, long punchy fruit and toasty finish.

All available in 750ml six bottle and twelve bottle cases.