A sweet, attractive wine with intensive grape and raisin flavours. Aged in French oak for up to 30 years Sherry develops a characteristic golden hue which is sweet, medium or dry in finish depending on type. All Sherries are Amontillado style to be enjoyed at room temperature or chilled.

40 year blends

White Muscat ( Gold Medal USA )

Cream Sherry ( Double Gold Medal USA )

Sweet Sherry Gold Medal 

Medium Sweet Sherry Gold Medal 

Dry Sherry Gold Medal

10 year blends

White Muscat, Reserve Sweet Sherry, Medium Sweet Sherry, Dry Sherry, Palomino Semi-Dry Sherry

45 year blend

Gold Medal Old Muscat Liqueur


Cherry Cocktail

Cherry Brandy

Curacao / Orange Liqueur

Creme de Menthe

Vermouth / Italian Style Sweet


All available in 750ml six bottle and twelve bottle cases.